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With your selling price being fixed by the Government, the only realistic option to increase
your bottom line is close monitoring of parameters that affect power generation at the
panel level. By monitoring Voltage, Luminosity, Dust, Ambient and Panel temperatures
24×7 in Solar Farms, you can ensure that you get the best possible returns on investment.

Managing farms remotely is also a problem in terms of increased personnel costs and the fact that
there is no way to measure power output at the panel level. Every panel that fails has a cascading
effect on costs because multiple failures mean that the inverters have
to be replaced.

ZUPPA iLOC, the IoT based Instrumentation system provides panel level information for multiple
farms at plant level by gathering crucial data in real time. It provides a continuous picture of the
power generated by constantly checking crucial parameters and generating notifications when action
needs to be taken. This allows both – optimizing of operations and reducing costs by making
prevention the core of operations management.