Narcos Narcos


The cable-free solution to measure vehicle speeds accurately!

  • A Cost-effective stand alone Directional Speed Measurement System On Chip(SOC)

  • Completely independent of any other instrumentation on board a vehicle

  • No need for external inputs like mechanical linkages, cables to the wheel OR sensory inputs like GPS, RPM Sensor etc.

  • Can be fitted with suitable dampening within your existing instrumentation cluster

  • With suitable dampening, fit it in your existing instrumentation cluster

  • Integrate it with your existing digital displays on your instrumentation cluster (replacing the entire assembly of mechanical linkages from the panel to the wheel and beyond)

  • Plug in to the power source for exactly the same results.

  • Input Voltage range: 7V-30V (DC)

  • Output: 0-5V (DC), 200mA output from Buzzer Pin

  • Current Consumption: 200mA(Maximum), 80mA(Typical)

  • Suitable Vibration Dampening essential

  • Speed Accuracy: +/- 2Km/Hr

  • External Sensory Requirement: NONE

  • Expandable and Upgradable Feature:
    OBD/CAN Interface, GPS/GNSS system, 6 Digital IO (5V  Tolerant) For alert, 4 Analog Inputs (5V Tolerant) For alerts, 2 PWM Outputs (5V TTL)

  • Expandable Wireless Interfaces:¬†Bluetooth(BLE) and WIFI

This is a one time user configurable mode requiring use of ZUPPA’s dedicated configurator software.

The User can set minimum and maximum speed limits to act as early and advance warning points. Dfferent Buzzer frequencies will warn the driver when the reverse speed increases and crosses the maximum set reverse speed.

The licensed version of the ZUPPA Configuration software has to be purchased seperately for use of this mode.